7 Morning Habits That Can Affect Your Whole Day

Your morning routine is like setting up a string of dominoes: you line everything for success, but a false move can cause it all to come tumbling down. To set the right tone for the rest of your day, experts say you should adjust to the following seven habits.

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1. Hitting the Snooze Button

“Stealing a few more minutes of sleep is fascinating, but hitting snooze has a negative impact on your physical and emotional well-being,” says Joanna Kleinman, owner of the Center for Extraordinary Relationships. “Physically, hitting the snooze button really sets you up to be fluffy and less productive because you’re repeatedly waking yourself out of a deep sleep,” Kleinman says. “Emotionally, you’re late to set yourself up, rushed, and stressed in the morning.”

The obvious solution, Kleinman says, is getting out of bed right now (even if it seems impossible). “If we listen to our minds telling us what we feel like to do, we won’t be able to make the positive changes we need to make,” Kleinman says.

2. Checking Your Phone

This first thing in the morning stimulates self-criticism and judgment in your mind,” kleinman says. “Your emails and texts are about to do everything, to buy things, to add things to your to-do list,” she says. “It’s either the amount of stuff that other people want to pay attention to you, or what your mind says you should pay attention to.”

Even if you leave your inbox alone and stick to Instagram, you can damage your psyche because of social media you can compare yourself with other people. Bottom line: Checking your phone is the first thing your inner reviewer can awaken. To prevent yourself from opening Twitter immediately after closing your alarm, charge your phone to another room. Start your day instead with a habit of self-affirmation like journaling or meditation.

3. Planning Your Day

If you wake up and have no idea what’s on your schedule, where you have to be, or what you’re going to wear, then your day is already off to a frantic start. Psychologist and certified master coach Joel Ingersoll recommended the night before his day event. This way, you will feel fresh and ready to go in the morning.

4.Drinking Water

You’ll be craving a cup of coffee as you hit the floor of your feet, but what your body really needs is a glass of water,” says Ingersoll. Since your system had no fluids for at least six (or hopefully eight) hours, your body is dehydrated. Ingersoll says you can see coffee (below), but your body will work better — you’ll have fewer headaches, less fatigue, and smaller bags under your eyes — if you first have a glass of water down.

5. Skipping Breakfast

Have you been asked to eat a good breakfast before? That’s because it’s important, says Bruno LoGreco, life coach and author of Stop Sabotaging Your Life. “To satisfy your brain to eat a healthy breakfast consisting of nuts, fruits, and oats, you’ll get through a hard day at the office,” says LoGreco.

6. Rising Early

A study published by the American Psychological Association found that early risers are happier and more successful than those who go to bed late. They become more active, receive better grades, and lower better hope and problems.

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