Six morning routines that will make you happier, healthier and more productive

Of all the different things you can try to improve your productivity, a morning routine is one of the most effective.

There are some reasons why the morning routine is so useful. The first is to clear anyone who has ever been procrastination, just getting started is often the hardest part. If you can start out with the right speed toward your goals, you’ll start to avoid wrestling with yourself in the morning.

The second is that the morning, especially before the weekday officially begins, is a quiet time with fewer social obligations. For many of us, the rest of the day can present a chaotic, ever-changing explosion of responsibilities, immediate deeds and unexpected interruptions. Morning, by contrast, is often the most consistent part of your day.

The morning routine also set the tone for his upcoming day. Do you want your workday to start calm and contemplative? With vigorous exercise? Silent meditation? Creative and productive? Your morning habit can push you with a present that will take the morning and allow you to maximize any aspect of your personality that you want to be the most important.

In this article, I would like to explore some different morning routines you can try. But first, let’s talk about what comes before the morning ritual: sleep.

When to wake up and how much sleep you get ?

When you talk about productivity, there are two camps. Some argue in favor of waking up very quickly to maximise those early morning hours. Others say getting enough sleep is needed to be prioritized. If you can’t go to bed until 8 o’clock, you should wake up only after 7-8 hours of sleep.

I believe the scientific case is quite clear: when it comes to productivity, getting enough sleep is necessary.

Lack of sleep causes drastic cognitive decline, it affects your ability to make memories, and may even increase the risk of certain diseases (including cancer). Research indicates that 7-8 hours per day is an almost universal requirement, so those who claim to receive on four or six hours per night may be kidding themselves.

Worse, lack of sleep can accumulate cognitive impairment, even if you think it’s leveling off. Any morning routine you need to develop to adjust your sleeping rhythm.

Create A Perfect Morning Routine

I’ve experimented with a ton of different morning routines. Waking up super quickly, waking up without an alarm, exercise, learning, work and many others.

In all these different experiments, I’ve found that there’s not a perfect routine that will make you rich, ripped and happy overnight. Instead, there are different routines for different purposes, and so I think of my routine as trying to match my most important goals of that moment.

If I’m really focused on health and fitness, start with exercise or can go first to put in time to eat a healthy breakfast. If I’m acting like crazy, getting straight to work on my most important tasks might be better than clutter my morning with different tasks. Different goals, different routines.

So, instead of suggesting a routine, I want to make six suggestions. These different routines have all served me during different parts of my life, and so you can see what feels like the best fit for you.

Follow These Six Morning Routines

  • Exercise And Energy
  • Meditate Daily
  • Go to Work On Time
  • Learn Daily
  • Plan Your Day
  • Make Plans for evening

Follow A Evening Routine

The morning routine is great for managing the first part of your day, but they also depend significantly on an evening routine to supplement them. If you decide to aim for an early growing schedule, you need an early-to-sleep routine to match it. Similarly, if you are planning to work or learn the first thing in the morning, you should plan your day at night so you know what to work with.

A good evening routine should reduce blue light (there should be no screen after a good Rule 9), so that the melatonin circuit that controls your circadian rhythm can begin to adjust for better sleep.

I often like to plan ahead of my day time and either read a book or listen to an audiobook with lights out for 20-30 minutes to make it snooze before bedtime.

Matching to your goals is a good routine foundation for success. This can help you become more productive, healthy and happy by tweaking on one of the most consistent and important points in the day.

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